Your continuing health is our primary concern at Northwood Chiropractic Center — we have been serving residents of the area around Woodburn, Ore., since 1984. Today, we have a practice that seeks to bring “wellness” to as many people as possible, on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Our innovative treatment and rehabilitation facilities and our caring professional staff are available to assist you on that journey to healthful living, whether your need stems from accidental trauma, a chronic condition, or symptoms of an undetermined malaise.

In order to fulfill our mission, we use all the resources available to us to treat more than bodies. Our philosophy of wellness involves an integrated approach to dealing with pain and physical conditions. We use not only time-tested chiropractic techniques, but also acupuncture and massage to bring about whole-body healing and relief from pain.

Treating Body and Mind

In addition, our caring providers offer treatment on many levels, whether it means working with our patients to recover from an accident, managing the pain of chronic illness, relieving a painful spinal misalignment, or counseling on beneficial exercise, diet, nutrition and stress management. Our latest specialties include naturopathy and psychology, and our trained professionals deal with women’s issues as well as depression and anxiety.

Our special Woodburn chiropractic center was one of the first in the nation to offer on-site physical rehabilitation services. Our full size pool helps restore muscles and contributes to cardiovascular health, in addition to promoting better circulation and appropriate therapy to encourage the body’s own healing. It is a perfect complement to our other non-invasive procedures.

Integrated Therapeutic Procedures

While we utilize a fully-integrated approach to non-invasive health care, our treatment is based on a complete assessment of your condition. As a new patient, you will be asked for a full history and we may order X-rays in an effort to fully assess your needs. This initial examination and consultation allows your Woodburn chiropractor to develop a treatment based on your specific needs. A recent automobile accident that resulted in a whiplash injury will require treatment that may be vastly different from the procedures used to treat debilitating sciatica.

Your treatment needs may be short-term or scheduled on a periodic basis over the course of weeks or months, but we will keep you informed at all times. We seek to enlist you as a partner in creating a workable wellness routine that will contribute to your lasting quality of life.

Ancient Knowledge and Modern Science

Every member of our team of chiropractic physicians, massage therapists and office staff is dedicated to you — we will help relieve your pain and set you on the path to wellness, based on the harmony between ancient techniques and modern science. We advocate a way of life and methods of treatment that allow the body and mind to operate at peak levels, free from reliance on drugs and outside stimuli. Why not call today to schedule a consultation?