The testimonials are provided with permission from our patient(s). We hope you enjoy their personal message as much as we do. Auto Accident:


CHIROTHIN- Weight Loss:

We have seen tremendous results within the first 5 months of offering this program.  I (Dr. Dan) personally lost 25 lbs within the 6 week program and have stabilized within 5-8 lbs of that weight.

One of our patients lost 26 lbs and 26 inches in her 6 week program and had not been at that weight since her first child 19 years prior.  Our biggest 6 week weight loss is 42 lbs.  We have seen reductions in blood pressure, cholesterol and stress.  One patient said their life insurance premiums went down and will save them over $3500 in insurance costs.

I want to thank everyone at Northwood Health Center especially Dr. Dan and Dr. Steve. When I came to then in November of 2016 I had completely given up trying to lose weight and be healthy. I had excepted that my morbid obesity was just going to be a part of who I was and I let it define me. I was miserable and unhappy, until I came into Northwood after a car accident i was involved in. They believed in me, encourage me, and motivated me to never give up on me and my health, they believed in me so why couldn’t i believe in myself. I made the commitment to myself and Dr.Dan and Dr. Steve to finally take control and start losing weight once of for all. I started December 2016 at 310 lbs the heaviest I have ever been and thanks to the support and encouragement of everyone at Northwood I am currently 155lbs. I have lost 155lbs pounds in a little over a year. I wasn’t easy and there was challenges but I reminded myself the end result will be worth it and never give up. Life is worth more then that one trip through the drive thru. I have my life and my confidence back I almost forgot how great life can be when you can actually go out and enjoy it. Thank you again to everyone at Northwood Health Center without you I would not be the happy, confident, smiley person I am today.


Emily C.


I came to the doors of Northwood Health Center in the Fall of 2013, on the referral of a co-worker, to see if I could be treated for the unbearable pain I was suffering in my left arm and shoulder blade.

On the day that I first called, the staff was able to fit me in for a thorough examination including X-rays.  The results of those x-rays enabled the doctors to diagnose that I had some severe degeneration and reverse curvature in the cervical area of my spine.  Horrified to learn of the severity of my condition, I was very disappointed with myself for letting this issue go for so long and feared I was beyond recovery.  But Dr. Steve told me that there is something he can do for me.  He explained to me the relationship of the nervous system and how it works in concert with the musculoskeletal system.  He said my pain must be caused by some interference to the nerves in my arm that radiate out from the cervical vertebrae in my neck.  After hearing the confidence in Dr. Steve’s voice, my initial feeling of horror soon turned to elation.

A treatment plan was then formulated for my specific condition.  It involved well placed adjustments to my neck and back, as well as the occasional massage.

Within two weeks of implementing this plan, my pain started rapidly subsiding.  It was just amazing!  And by the end of the first month, my pain was completely gone.

Of course, just because my pain had gone away, didn’t mean that I had to end my care.  My spine has a lot of recovery to do.  I have been coming in for routine adjustments (although not as frequently as in the beginning) and doing a regiment of neck traction at home.

My six month follow up x-ray that took place recently showed that my neck has been healing remarkably and the reverse curvature is nearly gone.

But there has been another remarkable improvement to my health that wasn’t even an intended result of my care at Northwood Health Center.  Sixteen years ago I had been diagnosed as having epilepsy.  My epileptic condition is one that affects speech.  Multiple times a day I would have a seizure that suddenly shuts down my ability to speak.  It made me avoid interacting with other people.  Because of this, simple everyday life was a challenge.

Under the care of my neurologist for the last sixteen years, I was given MRI screenings of my brain twice, nine years apart.  Neither time could he see anything on my brain that would suggest I would have epilepsy.  So I was prescribed medication to help control my seizures, rather than looking “outside the box” for what was at the root of the problem.

Dr. Steve found the problem on my first visit.  The manner that he and Dr. Dan were manipulating my spine to remove the interference on my nervous system was also having a positive effect on my epilepsy.

My seizure activity has been reduced by 75%.  It has made me such a happier person.  I have a much better sense of well-being.  I hold my head up higher.  And, I can actually have a social life now.  Thank you Northwood Health Center!  Life is extraordinary!

Brien, (age 50) Florence, OR


My name is Eva and in January 1998 my husband and I became proud parents of a baby boy, Noah.

When Noah was three years old, we decided it was time for a sibling for our son. At first, we just tried on our own with no luck. After months and months of disappointment, I made an appointment with my OBGYN to discuss any possible problems. It was at that point that I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). My doctor told me it was a hormonal imbalance and because I was not having a regular cycle, I was also not ovulating. My OBGYN put me on medication and prescribed fertility pills, known as Clomid. We were very excited and hopeful that this would work for us, but again after months and months of trying, counting days and praying and hoping we were still unsuccessful. It was getting more and more difficult to continue, but we desperately wanted to have another child and were willing to try anything.

A friend recommended a doctor in Medford, which was three hours away from home. I soon made an appointment and made the long drive to see her. She put me on Fertility medication, a low carb diet and a progesterone cream that I would apply on my skin. Again, after months of making long trips back and forth we still were not pregnant.

In hopes of a new treatment, I switched to another OBGYN who specialized in infertility. After my initial examination and going through test after test, my doctor recommended that I have a procedure known as a Laparoscopy. He informed that many women have conceived after having this procedure and he was very hopeful that this would be our answer. In March of 2004, I had a Laparoscopy and once again hoped for the best. We tried month after month, we were unsuccessful. We were devastated and heartbroken.

At this point we had been trying for over 4 years and the emotional rollercoaster was evident. It became extremely difficult to see or be around friends and family who were getting pregnant and having babies. I wondered every day, why not me? Why am I being punished? I loved being a mother to my son and all I wanted was another baby. I avoided the baby isles in the stores and watching shows on television that had anything to do with pregnancy or babies. It even started affecting my relationship with my husband. Although he supported me through it all, he suggested we should start accepting the idea that we may only have one child of our own and maybe look into adoption. But I refused to give up hope.

My mom suggested I try acupuncture, she had heard that it was very successful with infertility and I should be open to other methods. I soon made an appointment with Travis Buckmaster from Northwood Health Center. I started going once a week for treatment and taking herbal dietary supplements which Travis recommended for me. I noticed a difference immediately. I had more energy and felt better overall. I started having regular cycles on my own without any other medication. After only three months of treatment, on December 21, 2005 I found out that I was Pregnant!

On August 4th 2006, Our little miracle was born. A healthy baby girl, we named Keira. It was an incredible day to finally hold my baby girl in my arms. This was something I thought I would never be able to do. But thanks to Travis he made it all possible and there are no words that I could say to thank him for everything he did for us. He gave us a precious gift.

Since I conceived with the help of Travis, I have referred three friends who were also struggling with getting pregnant. They now all have new babies, thanks to Travis.

Travis, THANK YOU so much for everything you did. You are truly my miracle worker. Because of you, I now have my beautiful little girl.

* * * * *

My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 2.5 years.  After many tests, fertility medications with nasty side effects, tons of money spent, and no answers we decided to try acupuncture.  The first month of treatments we were shocked to find out I was pregnant!   Our daughter was one year old when we decided to try for number two, knowing it could take some time.  After six months of trying, I thought to ask Dr. Buckmaster about acupuncture.  Well to our surprise, again after only ONE treatment, my husband and I were thrilled to find out I was pregnant with baby number two!   Acupuncture had no side effects as the fertility medications did.  It was a relaxing, inexpensive, all natural cure for our infertility.  I highly recommend acupuncture to all those struggling with fertility!



It was easy for me to get pregnant the first time, but after I had my daughter, I never resumed regular periods. As a result, getting pregnant the second time was obviously much harder, but I was able to conceive again after gaining weight.  Because I knew I wanted to have another child and because of the negative health effects associated with missed periods, I hoped to find a better long-term solution to my cycle irregularity than weight gain. I have a normal BMI (so did not need to gain weight for other reasons) and wanted a solution that allowed me to exercise and eat regular amounts while still having periods. Unfortunately, I never felt like I could find very much information on how to regulate my cycle. After I stopped nursing my second baby, I talked with a few doctors, but their only advice was to take birth control to regulate my cycle or, at times when I wanted to get pregnant, try ovulation-inducing hormones. Neither of these sounded like good options to me, as I dislike taking hormones and am wary about their long-term effects. A friend suggested acupuncture, and it was a wonderful experience. Travis was the first person who had real, concrete advice for me and an actual diagnosis. He suggested that I make some dietary changes and take some warming herbs. Each session was incredibly relaxing, and I was still able to enjoy many of my normal activities, although I gave up running for a few months. After seven sessions and a few bottles of herbs, I conceived. Thanks!!


Chiropractic-Massage: Car Crash

When I was injured in my automobile crash, I had no idea that the pain and injuries could affect me for so long.  With the chiropractic care, exercises and massage therapy, I felt a big difference in the speed of my recovery.  When I was done, I had no permanent effects from my injuries, and now I come in once a month because it makes me feel healthier than I’ve ever felt before.


Chiropractic-Appropriate Referral:

I started by going to my PCP with pain in my chest, shoulder and shoulder blade. I had an ultrasound and MRI testing with negative results. As a person that rarely goes to the doctor, I was frustrated with the conclusion. The pain was not getting better, in fact it was getting worse. I started getting tingling in my hands which made me believe it was a pinched nerve that resulted in my visit to Northwood Health Center.

What was confusing to me and my PCP, made sense to the doctors of Northwood. I started noticing results within 4 weeks and really feeling good a few weeks later. I then had a setback in my shoulder due to my work activities. Dr. Dan found the problem on x-ray and referred me to my PCP who only wanted to provide cortisone. They eventually referred me for a diagnostic ultrasound finding what Dr. Dan found and allowed for an appropriate treatment.

Now I have my full function back and feel able to do things I haven’t been able to do for two to three years.