Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing arts known to man. Because of its great benefits and safety, it is a wonderful compliment to the Northwood Health Center philosophy of health care:

The perspective from which an acupuncturist views health and sickness hinges on concepts of “vital energy,” “energetic balance” and “energetic imbalance.” Just as the Western medical doctor monitors the blood flowing through blood vessels and the messages traveling via the nervous system, the acupuncturist assesses the flow and distribution of this “vital energy” within its pathways, known as “meridians and channels”.

The acupuncturist is able to influence health and sickness by stimulating certain areas along these “meridians”. This will ultimately adjust the “vital energy” so the proper amount reaches the proper place at the proper time. This helps your body heal itself.

In addition to being effective for many acute and chronic common illnesses, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine have much to offer those who wish to raise the quality of health and vitality.

Our acupuncturist operates with prevention in mind, attempting to correct small energetic imbalances before they become big health problems.

Current health trends emphasizing exercise, proper nutrition, stress reduction and immune system strengthening all validate the life-styles and methods that have always been promoted by the practitioners of Acupuncture at Northwood Health Center.