Treatment for whiplash, upper and lower back pain, stiffness and headaches is as easy as scheduling an appoint with our Woodburn chiropractor. We provide holistic treatment options that can reduce your pain and restore range of motion in your neck.

Whiplash and Neck Strain Causes and Symptoms

Whiplash is most commonly caused when two vehicles collide. The force of the impact causes the occupants head to whip back and forth, which causes straining of the vertebrae, muscles and ligaments in the neck, and wearing a seatbelt does not prevent whiplash or neck strain. Other causes include trauma to the head, falling and being tackled.

The symptoms of whiplash may not occur until days or weeks after the initial injury. This poses a problem because by the time the individual experiences the pain, stiffness and headaches, they may not remember the initial cause, which is why we recommend scheduling an appointment with our chiropractor after a car accident, head injury or fall. The symptoms of whiplash do not dissipate with time, and without treatment, the injury can become permanent.

When whiplash occurs, the vertebrae lose their natural curve. This puts excessive stress on the front of the spinal column, which compresses the discs and prompts the body into creating new bone for added support. Unfortunately, the body’s natural healing response can cause fused vertebrae if the whiplash isn’t treated.

Treatment Options for Neck Strains

Whiplash must be diagnosed by a medical professional and a treatment plan implemented in order to reduce pain and headaches and the chances of long term loss of range of motion. If you suspect you have whiplash, applying ice packs can help with the initial symptoms and reduce swelling and inflammation and taking a pain reliever or anti-inflammatory can help with stiffness, pain and headaches.

While you are using home remedies to treat your pain and discomfort, call our chiropractor’s office and schedule an appointment for a more thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. We can diagnose the severity of your strain and provide a comprehensive treatment program that includes chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, rehabilitation and acupuncture.

Chiropractic adjustments gradually restore the neck’s natural curve, remove the pressure from the vertebrae, disks, nerves and soft tissues and reduce the frequency and severity of the associated headaches.

Massage therapy relaxes the muscles up the upper back, shoulders and neck and makes the chiropractic adjustments last longer, which improves your healing time. It also helps relieve your mind and helps you relax, which reduces the amount of stress hormones in your blood. High levels of stress hormones can negatively impact injury recovery.

Physical rehabilitation strengthens the muscles in your back and neck and improves range of motion while further reducing your pain.

Acupuncture is a centuries old holistic treatment option that involves the use of long, thin needles. These needles are placed in your skin at certain points to help reduce pain and improve the body’s natural healing ability.

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