Chiropractic is the science, philosophy and art of removing nervous interference of the spine by hand. When pressure is applied to the nerves of the spinal column, ultimately each and every cell those nerves control will be adversely affected. By removing that pressure, the cells have the ability to achieve optimum health and function. Whether that is pumping of the heart, feeling of the skin or power of the muscles, each cell needs to be free of interference.

If the interference is the result of trauma, such as injuries from a car crash or work related accident, our thorough examination and x-rays will direct the doctors towards the most effective path of healing.

We will discuss and show you in detail the findings of your x-rays and examination and give you our recommendations so you may make the best decision in your treatment needs. Then the specific motions of the chiropractic adjustments will help control the healing nature of the injuries. Without this assistance, the injuries will heal abnormally with limited function and increased discomfort.

It is also important for children to be checked and treated to prevent small problems from becoming major health concerns. By allowing the developing child to be at optimum health on all levels, their potential is substantially increased and their quality of life will reflect it.