Having an acute or chronic pain in your neck can prevent you from working, going to school, and doing what you love. Fortunately, our Woodburn chiropractor offers real, natural pain relief techniques to resolve your pain and improve range of motion.

The seven bones in your neck support the entire weight of your head, which is 12 lbs on average. When the bones and muscles of your neck are healthy, you can turn your head in nearly every direction and hold it at a variety of angles. After an injury or illness, however, neck pain may prevent you from moving your head at all. In fact, it might hurt just to hold up your head.

When you know you need medical care for your neck pain you may be uncomfortable with aggressive treatments, such as drugs or surgery. Prescription painkillers can make you groggy and may also cause unwanted side effects, including adverse reactions, dependence, and overdose. Surgery puts you at risk for infections and other problems. Enter chiropractic care.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Our chiropractor in Woodburn administers conservative treatment for neck pain, meaning at Northwood Health Center we never prescribe dangerous drugs or perform surgery. However, if your chiropractor determines your condition warrants aggressive treatment, he is glad to refer you to a surgeon. In most cases, your Woodburn chiropractor can provide the pain management you need for your neck pain.

Treating neck pain with chiropractic care allows you to enjoy better mobility in your head, neck and shoulders without the use of medication. With our effective chiropractic treatment, you can return to your normal life, free from pain and stiffness.

Woodburn Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Woodburn chiropractic care eases neck through a variety of conservative, non-invasive procedures. Your Woodburn chiropractor may realign the seven bones in your neck, known as your cervical vertebrae, through spinal adjustments. Your chiropractor uses his hands to perform this cervical manipulation, sometimes called a neck adjustment, to the bones in your neck.

This procedure improves the mobility of the bones in your neck to restore your range of motion, and it also facilitates the movements of the muscles near your cervical vertebrae. You will likely notice an improvement in your ability to turn and tilt your head without pain and soreness almost immediately after you receive treatment.

Additionally, the caring professionals at Northwood Health Center can perform other advanced pain management procedures, including acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, and rehabilitation. Your chiropractor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment program to reduce pain in your neck and increase mobility.

Your chiropractor in Woodburn is passionate about easing your neck pain. We know the pain in your neck significantly decreases the quality of your life and we want to help you overcome this pain. Contact Northwood Health Center and find out more information about Woodburn chiropractic care and neck pain today.