Northwood Health Center was one of the first health care facilities in the country to offer complete physical medicine and rehabilitation services that included a full size swimming pool. The  incorporation of complete rehabilitation within your treatment provides better overall function and faster recovery.

Exercises in water provide many different benefits than those on land. When in water, your body will change to whatever demand you place on it. This includes work demands, posture demands and activity demands. If your normal activities of daily life place improper demands on your body, it is necessary to counter those by placing appropriate and healthy demands. Resistance training and cardiovascular exercise are also essential in producing better healing and overall fitness. Exercising with resistance will retrain your muscles appropriately and help balance your body to prevent unequal pressures. This will also provide structural support to help you hold the chiropractic spinal adjustments in place. Cardiovascular training provides oxygen and nutrition to your body for better health while training the strength and endurance of your heart and lungs.